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Professional tax paper supplies

For Intuit ProSeries Tax and Intuit Lacerte Tax

From our premium tax return folders to the large window portrait envelopes designed to perfectly hold them, we have a number of products specifically designed to match slip sheets printed from Lacerte and ProSeries.

For more information, call 800-433-8810 for Lacerte software and 866-570-3842 for ProSeries software.

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Tax return filing envelope

Eliminate the need for address stamps, custom labels, and stockpiles of envelopes with our 6" x 9" tax return filing envelope.

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Large-window portrait envelope

Don't forget matching envelopes. These envelopes work perfectly with our large-window, premium tax return folders.

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Premium tax return presentation folders

Features thick, classically textured paper stock, an extra-capacity spine, side-staple tabs, a right-hand pocket, and a business card slot. Available in 4 professional colors. Slip sheet compatible.

Additional professional tax software integrations

Extend the functionality of your professional tax preparation software with these time-saving tools.

Intuit Tax Advisor

Available for:
ProConnect  Lacerte

The only integrated tax advisory tool where you can access a library of tax strategies to build custom tax plans in minutes, not hours.


Available for:
Lacerte  ProSeries

Work-from-anywhere capabilities mirror your desktop setup for a seamless integrated workflow. Plus, attract top talent with remote access.


Available for:
ProConnect  Lacerte  ProSeries

Digital signing solution where you can manage signatures right within your tax software, and clients can sign whenever and wherever they want.