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Quick Employer Forms Accountant

Generate and e-file your clients' or your firm's payroll forms quickly with this robust tool. Available for Intuit ProConnect Tax, Intuit Lacerte Tax, and Intuit ProSeries Tax.

For Intuit ProConnect Tax, Intuit Lacerte Tax, and Intuit ProSeries Tax

Screenshots of LaCerte, ProSeries, and ProConnect

Access an enhanced interface and robust capabilities

Now, with reduced page load times, you can search, sort, and filter payees quickly. Plus, get bulk e-file support within a business and across multiple businesses.


How it works

Answer simple questions

We ask you some easy questions and create the right forms for you.

Review your forms

When you're done, you can review your forms before printing, e-filing, or mailing.

We e-file
your forms

We'll e-file your forms to the IRS or Social Security Administration. You can then print and mail forms to the recipient employee or contractor in January.

Love the ability to create 1099s for same company in one sitting

- Manreet Ladhar, SMS Services

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The IRS has changed the e-file requirements for tax year 2024. Under the new rules, filers of many types of returns, such as W-2 and 1099s, will need to file electronically with the IRS if they file 10 or more returns for a calendar year.

Included forms


These forms are primarily used to report what clients have paid independent contractors or miscellaneous laborers. They could also be used for rents and royalties. These forms aren't used for employees. They are used mostly for contractors to do a particular job. Quick Employer Forms Accountant helps you create the 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC for each contractor paid. Plus, we'll e-file the return to the IRS and provide a PDF for your records. A 1096 isn't needed when you e-file the 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC.


This form is used to report interest income paid to an individual or business. Quick Employer Forms Accountant will guide you in preparing the form and submitting the required copy to the recipient, and we will e-file them to the IRS.


This form is used to report distributions paid, including dividends or capital gains paid on stock and liquidation distributions. The form needs to be prepared and submitted to the distribution recipient and to the IRS. You can easily and quickly prepare and e-file this form using Quick Employer Forms Accountant.


This form is used to report an employee's pay and how much tax has been withheld. Quick Employer Forms Accountant e-files them with the Social Security Administration. A W-3 isn't needed when you e-file the W-2.

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