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Intuit Select Pro Staffing

The fastest way to find the right staff for your unique workflow

Level up your firm with expert staffing made easy. Intuit finds the staff, so you don’t have to.

Adding outside tax preparation staff can strengthen your firm's abilities. New staff can help you:

Scale quickly

Improve margins

Increase productivity

Address tax season seasonal talent shortages

Fill long-term roles

Deliver top-level service and data security

Choosing the right talent for your firm is based on three factors to consider

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Where do you prefer the work to be done? US-based or overseas?

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Type of work

What credentials do you need and what type of work do you want to outsource?

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Payment options

Do you want full- or part-time employees and the same staff for the entire time—or pay-per-return, where work goes to who’s available?

Customer success stories
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“The team was great. Overall, it took pressure off me to not have to work 80 hours a week with season."
Elmer Howard, Prosperity Financial Accounting
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Ready to bring some new players to your game?

Please answer a few important questions below so we can best customize your staffing provider matches.

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What type of staff are you looking for? Select all that apply.

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Outsource staffing FAQs

General questions