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ProSeries QuickCollect

Collections made simple. Client payments made convenient.

Available for Intuit ProSeries Tax only

$15 per return

Automatically deducted from your prep fees

Find out how to enroll your clients in QuickCollect on our community site.

Advantages of QuickCollect

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Business growth

Accept more clients, including those you would typically turn away.

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Payment assurance

Reduce the risk of slow- or no-pays by having your fees taken out of the refund.

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Fast collections

Save time by reducing collections work.

How it works

Answer simple questions

Enroll with TPG from within ProSeries by late December to ensure you are all set when the season starts. There are no sign-up fees and no obligation to sign up.

Review TPG Enrollment Information

Review your forms

Prepare the return the same as always. The only difference is to check the "QuickCollect" option before e-filing the return. Then have the client sign the release form provided by the bank.

We e-file and mail your forms

Sit back and wait for the funds to be deposited into your account, typically within 10-21 days. If your client does not have a bank account, you can choose the Refund Card option provided by TPG.

Sign up for QuickCollect today

Offered in partnership with Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG), QuickCollect for ProSeries gives your clients the option to pay you out of their refund.

They'll get their refund faster, and you can rest easy knowing you will get paid at the same time they get their refund. QuickCollect isn't a loan or ‌refund transfer.

No sign-up fees. No obligation.

Looking for a refund transfer program?

Check out Pay-by-Refund for peace of mind.

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Worry-free payment

Your clients don't have to worry about paying for their tax prep fees out-of-pocket, and tax pros get paid faster and efficiently with Pay-by-Refund.

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Easy sign-up

You can choose to enroll for Pay-by-Refund at your convenience, either through your My Account login or within your software (ProSeries, Lacerte, or ProConnect).

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Identity theft protection

Your clients are automatically enrolled in ID Theft Protection from IDNotify by Experian. It includes full support if a return is fraudulently filed in your client’s name, and covers up to $1million in insurance to replace stolen funds.

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Bank partners

Pay-by-Refund is available through Refund Advantage and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, and offers cash advance loans up to $1,000 per taxpayer.*

Tax prep fee payment option

Common questions about QuickCollect

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