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Invest in your business today with Protection Plus

Don’t lose unbillable time waiting on hold with the state or IRS or collecting documents from clients. Save time and support your firm with an entire tax resolution department.


Peace of mind for all your individual and business clients


per 1040 return

Available for:


Must cover all of your 1040 clients to 
participate in the firm-level program.

Benefit highlights

  • Entrust unfamiliar work to seasoned credentialed experts.
  • Offer more value to clients 
without extra tedious work.
  • Most tax preparers build this into their client fees.


Cover selected 1040 clients


per 1040 return

Or call 833-785-7954 to consult with an expert.

Available for:


Benefit highlights

  • Includes the same audit and 
notice protection and identity 
theft restoration benefits as 
the firm-level offering.
  • Fee is paid by the client.