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Deliver more for your clients in less time with the leading provider of professional tax software. Only ProSeries is faster and easier to use, so you can spend time on what's important — your clients.

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Easy to get right...the first time

  • 3,200 forms and schedules allow you to meet the needs of your clients
  • More than 1,000 error checking diagnostics and automated calculations help ensure you file the return right the first time, no matter how complex the return

Easy to use

  • Proven ease of use as shown by high ratings in AICPA2 (4.4 stars out of 5) and NATP (4.37 stars out of 5) surveys
  • Easy to get started, guaranteed! Robust training and videos to help make you an expert in no time with step-by-step guidance for converting your prior year data into ProSeries
  • See the top improvements made over the last 9 years to help speed you thru returns
  • 20+ built-in time-saving features to help you file faster, including:
  • Missing Client Information Tool - reduce hassle by flagging input fileds
  • K-1 data import - quickly transfer data to individual returns
  • Modernized e-File support - attach PDFs directly to returns

Easy to rest assured

We're #1

With more than 65,000 practices, ProSeries is the leading professional tax software on the market

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Peace of mind knowing you're supported by the leading provider of tax and financial solutions


Dedicated Quality Assurance team spent more than 100,000 hours in tax year 2012 testing the software to help ensure it doesn't crash or lose data


76% of ProSeries customers who utilized self-service support did not have to call support to get their request answered9

Free U.S.-based technical support with extended hours during peak season

Unlimited individual and business bundles and pay-as-you-go
options provide the flexibility to pay for only what you need

Fast Path

$429 per
Best New User Price7
For experienced preparers doing a limited volume of 1040 and business returns:
  • Access to all Federal and State forms
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing

$1978 per
Best New User Price7
For experienced preparers doing more than 35 individual and limited business returns:
  • Unlimited 1040 Federal and State returns
  • Pay-as-you-go business returns

$828 per
Best New User Price7
For smaller pros needing additional guidance on less than 50 simple 1040s:
  • (50) 1040 returns (unused returns expire 12/31/15)
  • (50) individual state returns for 2 states (unused returns expire 12/31/15)

$1208 per
Best New User Price7
For smaller pros needing additional guidance on a higher volume of simple 1040s:
  • Unlimited 1040 returns
  • Unlimited individual state returns for 4 states
Basic +

$1369 per
Best New User Price7
For smaller pros needing additional guidance with simple 1040s and some business returns:
  • Unlimited 1040 Federal and State returns for 4 states
  • (15) Federal and State business returns

ProSeries Professional Bundles

Save money by bundling ProSeries Professional with some of our most popular tax modules and add-ons.

PowerTax Lite

  • Unlimited Individual Federal 1040 returns
  • Unlimited State Individual and Business returns — 4 states
  • Unlimted Federal Business returns

  • Unlimited Individual Federal 1040 returns
  • Unlimited Individual returns for all states
  • Unlimited Federal Business returns

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  1. With more than 65,000 practices choosing ProSeries for tax year 2012, ProSeries is the leading professional tax software on the market today.

  2. In the AICPA Journal of Accountancy Survey, ProSeries received a ranking of 4.4 out of 5 points for "How easy was it to use?" This was the highest ranking among comparable tax software packages. From the AICPA August 2013 Tax Software Survey which reviewed ProSeries 2012:

  3. The CPA Practice Advisor Logo is a registered trademark of Cygnus Business Media. Used under license. Reprinted from The CPA Practice Advisor magazine, with permission. Copyright 2013 Cygnus Business Media. All rights reserved.

  4. Customers with an active tax year 2014 license can e-File Individual and Business federal and state returns for current and prior years supported, up to 3 years, in accordance with the IRS guidelines. (For tax year 2014, file Individual returns for tax year 2013, and Business returns for 2011, 2012, and 2013)

  5. Fees may apply. Please call (800) 934-1040 for details. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.

  6. Available for new ProSeries customers who have licensed an unlimited tax module for tax year 2014. Feature not available for new Pay-per-Return (PPR) customers.

  7. Sale price is available to first time purchasers of the product only (sorry no renewals). The sale price is good for the first year only. In year two, regular renewal fee applies to continue use of the product. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  8. ProSeries Basic 50 Return Bundle includes a license for (50) 1040 returns and (50) individual state returns for 2 states, for Tax Year 2014 only. Returns can be filed on extension for Tax Year 2014, but all 1040 and individual state returns must be used by December 31, 2015 or they will expire.

  9. Based on Tax Year 2012 customers who completed online satisfaction survey between 11.1.12 through 4.20.13.