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Flip the switch to ProConnect Tax

Turn on the power of the #1 cloud-based professional tax software.

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The transition from your current tax software to ProConnect Tax is super smooth.

All it takes is a few steps to convert all of your data to ProConnect. But if you would like to try converting just one client’s data, there’s an option to do that, as well.

We understand that not all of us are tech-minded. Rest assured that our team of EasyStart onboarding experts have helped thousands of customers, just like you. They’ll walk you through the process to ensure that all of your clients’ data is converted accurately. Just ask.


Make the switch to ProConnect in 3 simple steps:

First, back-up your current data

Next, upload your files to the conversion wizard

We’ll send an email when the process is complete

Our free resources, training, and ongoing support will give you the confidence you need for a successful upgrade to ProConnect Tax.

Flip the switch to ProConnect today.

Data converted

  • Personal information
    (taxpayer, spouse, dependents, etc)
  • Entities
    (interest, business, estates, partners, shareholders, etc.)
  • Carryover amounts
    (If they can be obtained)
  • Depreciation

Data not converted

  • Amounts not critical for generating next year's tax return
  • Calculated carryover amounts which cannot be obtained
  • State information is not converted
  • Tax Exempt 990 is not converted
  • Gift 709 is not converted

Take a look to see if your professional tax software data can be converted to ProConnect







Converted items

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UltraTax CS
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Ready to convert your data to ProConnect? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Click the Settings tab in the lower left corner
  2. Under Tools, select Convert Data
  3. Click Start Conversion
  4. If you have clients who are missing their SSN or EIN numbers, a prompt appears to enter the data. If not, move on to Step 5
  5. Click the Download button to download the data conversion tool
  6. Copy the Installation Key to the Clipboard by clicking the Copy clipboard button
  7. Run and install the downloaded setup.exe file
  8. Double-click the Tax Data Conversion icon on your desktop
  9. Sign in using your ProConnect credentials
  10. Paste the Installation key into the field
  11. Follow the instructions in the tool to complete
  12. When complete, return to ProConnect and hit Finish

To check the status on your data conversions:

  1. Click the settings in the lower-left corner
  2. Under Tools, select Convert Data
  3. The conversion Dashboard will display your current and previous conversions, along with the status

Once your conversion is completed:

  • Verify that the converted client(s) appear in your current Tax Returns list
  • Open the returns and make sure the applicable data is converted
  • See What programs and tax return types can be converted to ProConnect Tax?
  • Intuit only converts data pertinent to the new tax year. Data conversion isn’t designed to be a one-to-one transfer and reproduce a current year return.

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