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Tax Year 2023 Pay-by-Refund enrollment is now open! Discover our educational materials and webinars.

Pay-by-Refund marketing kits

Access ready-to-use materials through your bank’s client portal to easily educate clients about your Pay-by-Refund offering and attract new customers.

Identity-theft protection and restoration services

Learn everything there is to know about Pay-by-Refund automatic enrollment into IDnotify® services to help bring peace of mind to your clients.*

Want to learn more about how Pay-by-Refund works?

View the “Jump Start Your Tax Business Season with Pay-by-Refund” on-demand webinar to get an in-depth overview of Pay-by-Refund and gain some insights to get your firm ready for tax season.

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Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions about Pay-by-Refund so you can get started with confidence.