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EasyACCT Write-Up FAQs

Does EasyACCT transfer data to Lacerte or ProSeries tax programs? 

Yes. Transferring data to Intuit Lacerte Tax and Intuit ProSeries Tax from Intuit EasyACCT is simple. You may transfer various balances from EasyACCT to either tax product. 

Does EasyACCT support electronic filing of forms 940 and 941? 

Yes. EasyACCT Professional System allows users to file forms 940 and 941 electronically. 

How does technical support for EasyACCT work? 

Users of EasyACCT Professional System receive unlimited, free, U.S.-based technical support. Users of the Business System may access support for a fee on an as-needed basis.1 

How much does EasyACCT cost? 

While EasyACCT Professional Series software is a comprehensive and professional-grade accounting program, it certainly doesn't carry the expensive price tag like others in its class. Unlike many accounting packages where you pay thousands of dollars for each module, with EasyACCT you pay one price for one comprehensive program. To learn more about EasyACCT, get pricing, or to place an order, call 866-220-0488. 

Does EasyACCT integrate with QuickBooks so I can work faster with my clients' files? 

Yes, EasyACCT allows you to quickly and easily transfer vendors, general ledger transactions, payroll, and employee information from QuickBooks financial software, including wage and withholding detail, W-2 codes, and state and federal tax codes. 

Do you offer State Unemployment Tax Authority (SUTA) state reporting? 

Yes. EasyACCT Professional System includes 21 SUTA state special reporting forms at no additional cost, as well as SUTA worksheets for all 50 states. 

Am I limited to the financial statements EasyACCT provides or can I customize my own? 

The EasyACCT Professional System allows you to easily customize financial statements with several print and alignment options, various fonts, sub-schedules, message lines, and more.

Does EasyACCT provide for forms processing? 

Yes, the EasyACCT Information Return System is included at no additional cost with the purchase of EasyACCT Professional Series. This module allows you to process dozens of forms for clients quickly and easily, such as W-2s, 940s, 941s, 1099s, and more. 

Am I able to buy just the modules that I need?  

No, in order to provide EasyACCT to accountants cost-efficiently, EasyACCT is only available as an all-in-one accounting solution. However, we do offer the EasyACCT Information Return System as a stand-alone product. 

Are the payroll tax updates included? 

Yes, when you purchase EasyACCT accounting software, the federal and state payroll tax tables are available to install. Payroll tax table changes are available for downloading and are sent out periodically throughout the year. The EasyACCT Professional Series allows viewing and editing of federal and state tables and the ability to create local tax tables. 

What types of payroll does EasyACCT handle? 

EasyACCT Professional Series software handles live, batch, and after-the-fact payroll. 

What kind of help or training is available to help me get the most out of the EasyACCT software? 

The EasyACCT program contains a program manual, easy-to-follow video tutorials, and Help menus. Intuit also provides support articles with step-by-step instructions for completing common tasks and a technical support team to help maximize the benefits of the program.