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Cloud Accounting Software, A Time-Saving Bonus for Tax and Accounting Businesses

Companies that deal in the tax or accounting business handle large amounts of paperwork. From the many forms that need to be filed and saved to the documents that need to be maintained in case of an audit, the accessibility of electronic files from anywhere at any time is crucial for success. This is where moving taxes online using cloud accounting software can come in handy.

The cloud is a large bank of servers developed for data access. Companies around the world develop these server farms specifically so employees can access photos, videos, movies and documents online.

ProConnect Tax Online lets accounting and tax firms access and share digital data for finances, payroll, inventory and anything else a company would store as a hard copy or digitally in one central system. Learn more about all the tax programs Intuit offers at Several advantages of cloud accounting for tax and accounting businesses include:

  • Time With tax data accessible in one central system in the cloud, your employees will spend less time digging through files or online folders on different computers to find information needed. This allows employees to produce tax returns in less time. Plus QuickBooks Online cloud accounting software allows a company to automate invoicing, billing and reporting — potentially cutting down on the man hours needed for those internal jobs.
  • Accessibility — All client information is available in the cloud. With a quick search, all information in your client files can be found. This accessibility is possible on work computers, laptops and all mobile devices connected to the Internet, allowing your employees to access files from anywhere.
  • Security — We employ industry-accepted techniques, so you can have confidence when searching and accessing cloud data using ProConnect Tax Online.

The unlimited capacity of the cloud makes it an ideal solution for tax and accounting companies struggling to keep up with competitors in producing tax returns quickly and efficiently. Look into ProConnect Tax Online software to see the advantage of cloud accounting for your company.

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