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Link Learning Library

Link is a data collection portal included in your software to make it easy to collect tax data and documents from your clients.


Getting Started with Intuit Link

See how easy it is to get started using Intuit Link. Learn about the key features: how to invite clients, personalized engagement letters, checklists, and custom questionnaires. 

Link for ProConnect video resources


Link Overview


Engagement Questions 


Act on a taxpayers behalf 


Upload a final return


Delete and reinvite clients


Accountant upload


Batch upload


Import drawer

Link for ProConnect how-to articles

  Taxpayer Guide to Link (PDF)

Link for Lacerte video resources


Link for Lacerte: Start to Finish


Link Taxpayer Experience


Inviting Your Client in Lacerte


Engagement Letters


Setting Up Questionnaires


Setting Up Checklists

Link for Lacerte how-to articles

  How to Invite Clients (PDF)

  How to Set Up an Email Template (PDF)

  How to Set Up Checklists (PDF)

  How to Set Up a Questionnaire (PDF)

 Customizing Engagement Letters (PDF)

Link for ProSeries video resources


Link for ProSeries: Start to Finish


Link Taxpayer Experience