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ProSeries data conversion

We understand the importance of a smooth transition, starting with the hassle-free conversion of your existing client files into your new Intuit ProSeries tax software. The data conversion process will move selected items from your current tax software to ProSeries professional tax preparation software. It is not intended to convert all of your tax data, nor will it allow you to generate a tax return for the purposes of side-by-side comparison with last year's return.

What will be converted
  • All personal information (taxpayer, spouse, dependents, etc.)
  • Names for all interest, business, estates, partners, etc.
  • All important carryover amounts that can be obtained (varies based on previous software used)
  • Depreciation
What will not be converted
  • State data including state information like depreciation differences and tax refunds
  • Amounts that are not relevant to next-year tax preparation
  • Some unobtainable calculated carryover amounts
  • 706, 709, 990, or 5500 items

Please allow one business day for most converted files. We will begin offering tax year 2021 client data conversions with the first release of the ProSeriesTax for tax year 2022 software in November 2022.

Can my data be converted?

Our data conversion process supports the following software and modules:

Software 1040 1065 1120 1120S 1041 Converted items



ProSystem fx


UltraTax CS

Migrating over from TurboTax? Learn how to transfer your data

Ready to submit your data?

Back up your client data. Be sure to remove all passwords from your client files. Next, follow the backup instructions closely for your vendor below to prevent any delays.

Software Backup instructions
ATX View
CrossLink View
Drake View
Lacerte View
ProSystem fx View
TaxAct View
TaxSlayer View
TaxWise View
UltraTax CS View

ProSeries Tax Data Conversion Wizard

The Tax Data Conversion Wizard is accessible from within the Intuit ProSeries Tax program. Under the Import menu, select Client Data Conversion > Submit Client Data For Conversion to start our safe and secure data conversion wizard.

  • Enter your User ID and Password and click Sign In
  • After signing in, follow the screen prompts to upload your data
  • Please allow one business day for most converted files

Data Conversion confirmation

After you receive your confirmation email that your conversion is ready, open your ProSeries Tax program and go to the Import menu. Select Client Data Conversion > Download Converted Client Data and sign in with your Intuit My Account login. Follow the screen prompts in the ProSeries Tax Data Conversion Wizard to download your converted client data files. Congratulations! Your transferred clients will now automatically appear in the current-year ProSeries Tax program.