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Pay-per-return Pricing

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If you are preparing a low volume of specific types of tax returns but still need high-quality, accurate professional tax software, then pay-per-return pricing may be right for you. This guide covers all you need to know about this pricing model to help you decide whether it’s the best option for you and your tax practice.

What is pay-per-return pricing?

Most professional tax software providers have a pay-per-return pricing option that lets you pay as you go for each individual or business return you prepare. Many new tax practitioners, or practitioners with small practices, consider this the right option for them. Even if your tax practice does a large number of returns, you may consider a pay-per-return option if you are testing or switching to new software. This would allow you to move a limited number of clients over to the new software the first year as you become comfortable with the new tax software.

How it works

When preparing tax returns on a pay-per-return basis, you authorize payment for the return(s) you are processing when you authorize a tax return. With Intuit® software, payments can be made via credit or debit card. Please note, charges may be subject to local and state sales tax.

Other features include:

  • Once a return has been authorized, the Intuit professional tax software will not ask to authorize the return again, unless the taxpayer’s Social Security number or entity’s federal tax identification number is changed.
  • You can quickly and easily increase your balance within the software program by calling a customer service representative, and for Intuit Lacerte Tax® and Intuit ProSeries Tax® customers, within My Account.
  • Pay-per-return fees are incurred in addition to the Fast Path software license fee for Lacerte and ProSeries.
  • In a network environment, funds added are available to all workstations on the network.

Why choose pay-per-return?

  • Pay-as-you-go convenience, without hidden fees. You can pay for additional returns as you need them, giving you more flexibility with your cash flow than other package options.
  • Available with all major federal and state forms.
  • Support, training, and electronic filing across all supported individual and business forms are included, free.
  • Allows you to e-file late and amend tax returns for tax years that are still open for e-filing with the IRS.
  • With our online tax software, Intuit ProConnect Tax, we give you volume discounts based on the number of tax returns you purchase in a single transaction. The more you buy the lower the cost per return. Plus, no additional user licenses are required: you can add everyone in your practice at no additional cost.

Is pay-per-return for everyone?

Pay-per-return pricing may not be the most cost-effective option for a firm that is filing a large number of returns.

How to get started with pay-per-return and any Intuit professional tax product

Visit the following links to find out more about pay-per-return pricing for our three core professional tax software options:

  • ProConnect Tax pay-per-return pricing
  • Lacerte pay-per-return pricing (requires software license called Fast Path)
  • ProSeries pay-per-return pricing (requires software license called Fast Path)

Do you want more assistance deciding if Intuit offers a pay-per-return option that’s right for you? Contact our sales team to help determine which products and packages give you the best cost efficiency at 877-682-4254.

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