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Lacerte Support

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anyone having issues with lacerate support not being able to answer support questions then saying they are transferring to a higher authority only to be transferred to a general support person who can't answer the question.   This goes on time and time again?   Whom does one complain to get resolution.   I am on hold for support 20 to 50 and 60 minutes only to have the answering support agent send me back to someone else.  Anyone have any ideas.    There is no long chat support, no email support that I know of, so the music hold is the only solution????


33 years using Lacerte... SAD

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Each year it does get worse... I think they want everyone to move to their proline.... god only knows.   I wait 30 minutes just to get to someone who does not know a thing.  OMG it is sad. 

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"Whom does one complain to get resolution"

Unfortunately, I don't anyone can really answer that.  The Support Team appears to be in a league of their own and doesn't seem to have a commissioner to run the league -------------- at least based on all of the complaints I have seen about support over the years.

Slava Ukraini!
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Each year it does get worse... I think they want everyone to move to their proline.... god only knows.   I wait 30 minutes just to get to someone who does not know a thing.  OMG it is sad. 

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Really Bad.

For me, my opinion is:

Literally cannot get a solution to a problem.  They use a scripted process that cannot accommodate a variance from the expected, so it seems.

The help lookups on the database returns so many non relevant responses and usually none that contain  the issue requested.

I suspect this will be my last year using lacerate if nothing chnages very quickly!



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Well. It has not gotten better. Today (Feb 5, 2021), the telephone support person ran out of solutions before the problem was fixed.  I was placed on hold again, then they just hung-up without coming back on the line.

Over the last 6 weeks, I had been working with a high level support person, but he became unresponsive. I received an out of office response to emails for 1.5 weeks. I tried his "team", but never received any response from them.

Customer and support do not seem to fit here.

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Totally agree - just got 3rd person and still on hold  - easier to just hang up and keep calling back - after 30 years support getting worse and worse - and I pay extra to be in hosted environment but do not always get hosted support (support in that area has been great).

John Sr
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Yesterday I had the worst Customer Support experience in my 45 years in practice.  We invoice through Lacerte and our QB Merchant processing takes over when clients use the e-mail link to pay their invoices and not one support member could answer the simple question if and how this function interacts with our Quickbooks Desktop Customer List and Accounts Receivable.  All day taking to Robots who answer the phones and offshore support individuals where calls are guaranteed to drop before you get an answer and if the Tool that they read from doesn't work you can forget getting an answer. Then Quickbooks tells that it is Lacerte support question and Lacerte tells that it is a Quickbooks question.  Hours spent on this, yesterday, and no resolution, still. 

Level 3

John I been there and done that... OMG nothing is worse than 40 minutes on hold and then getting someone who has no idea of what you are talking about.   I hope this helps:


follow the links to have someone call you back.    

I figured out that you have to go to the QB merchant payments section of QB you can request a voice or chat there to resolve questions and account issues.   They don't know or understand Lacerte, and Lacerte has no Idea of the QB billing system or how it works.    Just think of the book Catch 22 and a circular endless clueless support.   No more talking with escalated support as your agent has to chat with better support and try to convey what the issues are when they can understand the basics.   LOL good luck.  

The Lacerte system and support reminds me of the DOS days and WordStar where nothing made sense because some engineer thought it would make perfect sense.   Apple changed most of the world with breakthrough thinking about the customer.   It seems from real interaction Intuit could care less as they try to put us all out of business with Turbo Tax.   I love that they offer us jobs to provide support and advice to the Turbo Tax users.  


Best of Luck, 

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I just called in, been a user for countless number of years- first named partner of the firm, the online administrator, initially set up Lacerte, etc... They refused to talk to me because somehow someone else's email address is the contact. I can remove every user, including the name of the person they have listed as the contact, but for some reason still won't talk to me. Been 1hr 25 min on hold so far. The customer support has gone down hill...

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I spent 2 1/2 hours on support with Lacerte.   Nothing was resolved.  Told to contact my rep after the 2 1/2 hours.  However, rep was out of office today.   We have users who cannot use software.  More than frustrating.  Your post is exactly what I was experiencing.  They would try to help.  But did not seem to know what they were doing.   

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