ProSeries TY18 home base
ProSeries TY18 home base

What’s New in ProSeries® 2018

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Tax year 2018 is just around the corner, and the team at Intuit® ProConnect™ ProSeries® has been hard at work to provide you with enhancements to help your workflow. You told us the features you need most, the concerns that keep you up at night, and the problems you want to solve better for your clients. We listened and poured all of it into key enhancements for tax year 2018. Look for ProSeries Professional download on Nov. 15 and ProSeries Basic download on Dec. 6.

In addition to 89+ new forms and 27+ new e-file capabilities to handle complex scenarios with ease and speed up your workflow, check out some of the new features and productivity enhancement we’ve added to ProSeries, as well as the ongoing work we’ve been doing throughout the year. From tax reform and security, to new forms and functionality, we’ve got your back so you can have your best tax season yet.

Tax reform: Our team has been working with the IRS and the Department of the Treasury so our products will be up to date for next tax season. You can file with complete confidence even though this is the biggest tax reform in 30 years. We have dedicated our time to help you quickly become a go-to expert on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the impact of tax law changes. Our tax reform resources include simplified and robust qualified business income implementation, simpler 1040 worksheet without additional clicks to find inputs, in-product client impact tools, our Tax Reform Resource Center, Entity Selection Calculator, and in-depth tax reform webinars. We’re here for you with training, tools and answers to help you get fully up-to-speed so you can advise your clients with complete confidence.

Customer service: The ProSeries Customer Service team is standing by for tax reform assistance with extended hours in season. We have three new support options to help you save time and focus on getting you the help you need, fast, without disrupting your work. In addition to having more staff to take calls faster, we added in the “Hold My Spot” feature so you don’t have to wait on hold. We will call you back when it is your turn. We also enhanced the self-help system in ProSeries to provide advanced help features right inside your software, without leaving your workflow. Features include help articles and FAQs, peer community answers, and tips at common points of need.

Qualified business income simplification: New IRS forms, worksheets and calculations for the new QBI deduction will help you minimize your clients’ taxes.

Optimized resolution: For high-resolution monitors, your text size, buttons and other elements will now automatically adjust to your screen so you get a clear view with no squinting.

ProSeries TY18 home base
ProSeries tax year 2018 home base


ProSeries tax year 2017 home base
ProSeries tax year 2017 home base

New viewing options for forms in use: In ProSeries Professional, you can now customize your view for easier navigation in complex returns with the option to collapse sub forms, such as K-1 worksheets, asset worksheets and source documents like 1099 or W-2. In addition, the active form will appear in white highlight within the forms bar. Both of these improvements will help you quickly navigate up and down when reviewing the return and help make complex returns more manageable.

ProSeries Federal Information Worksheet
ProSeries Federal Information Worksheet

Federal business returns added for client queries: In ProSeries Professional, you can now run 18 new client analyzer queries across four types of federal business returns: 1120 Federal Corp, 1120 Federal S Corp, Partnership 1065, and Estates and Trusts. Plus, you can export the reports to Excel, helping increase efficiency and accuracy by enabling you to quickly identify subsets of clients’ tax returns. Here is the step-by-step instructions on how to query:

  1. In HomeBase, go to the HomeBase view dropdown and select “Client Analyzer Queries.”
  2. Select the return type.
  3. Select “Go” to run the query.
  4. Select “More Info” to learn more about what the query is analyzing.

Read more about these updates. Be sure to visit your Personalized Training Portal, where you will find bite-sized training modules with content, videos and webinars about these features and more.

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  1. Hi, can draft individual state returns be added now? It would greatly help in doing year end projections.

  2. I was hoping Proseries would make the Forms in “Forms in Use” a different color from the worksheet so it would be easier to differentiate them from worksheets. When there are multiples of the same Form – Sch E, Sch C, Form 8829,… it is difficult to tell them apart. For now, I have to create an error on the form so it is in read.

  3. What are the details on the “89+ new forms and 27+ new e-file capabilities” I would love to find out what those are.


  5. I hope that you will include the Michigan 1040X Ammended Return in the 2018 tax year
    in the Pro Series Basic tax program