Tax Return Credentials
Tax Return Credentials

Boost your efficiency with Intuit® ProSeries® Tax for tax year 2021

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Intuit® ProSeries® Tax has a number of new features and enhancements for tax year 2021. Here’s a summary.

Gear up for tax season with My Account

As you prepare for another successful tax season, we wanted to remind you of all the ways that My Account can help you be even more efficient. You can:

  • Verify that your account information is correct.
  • Manage your EFIN or get one if you don’t have one yet.
  • Add or change users or their permissions.
  • Order add-ons to boost productivity, including Hosting for ProSeries, Intuit eSignature or Pay-by-Refund.
  • Access your personalized training portal.
  • Manage your payment options.

*Auto-renewed orders are processed at the discounted rate during the time of enrollment.

Product enhancements: Helping you work even more efficiently

QuickBooks® integration

We’ve updated your experience of importing QuickBooks data by introducing a new dialog box that auto detects an open QuickBooks file for the return you’re working on, or prompts you to open one. Then, it allows you to set the beginning and end dates, and the basis for that return. To use this functionality, select Import, then Update Return with QuickBooks Data via SDK. Remember that you have to give ProSeries access to the QuickBooks file.

Tax accuracy notifications (coming soon)

Reduce the stress and hassle of finding returns that were affected by tax law or other changes after you filed them. Now, you’ll receive proactive notifications of these events, which of your clients were impacted, and what you need to do.

Background updater

Say goodbye to manual downloads and restarts every time you need to update ProSeries, and hello to even more efficiency. With the background updates, ProSeries automatically downloads, verifies, and installs updates whenever they’re available, so you can keep on working with the confidence that your software is running at its best.

Prior-year return background color

Know whether you’re working in a client’s current-year return or their prior-year return based on different background colors displayed on the screen.

Integrated calculator enhancements

The integrated calculator is now easier to use than ever. Resize your window to grow and shrink the calculator to your preferred size. It also responds to Windows font size changes, such as other ProSeries experiences, so it will always reflect your preferred settings. Finally, it now allows for three types of data entry: keyboard numbers/numpad, mouse clicks, and keyboard arrows.

New billing profile (coming soon)

In compliance with industry mandates and enhance your data security, we have consolidated billing for ProSeries, eSignature, and Tax Scan and Import into a single “wallet.” Now, you won’t have to re-enter your payment information every time you make a purchase. You can securely add, store, or edit payment methods in ProSeries or My Account, and remove any of your payment methods through My Account, for all of your Intuit Accountants products.

HomeBase view functionality

  • Add/edit custom views: We’ve added enhancement to these views, along with a search menu to find the custom views quickly. You can now add custom views from the previous year.
  • Query: Visit the drop-down menu for advanced filter editor to create a query for all the returns that have a certain preparer, for example. We have a helpful video to show you how it works. You can do different fields, and/or, equations, and include specific values you want for customization.
  • HomeBase view (now available for ProSeries Basic): Now you can adjust the width of the column. Reset current view by dragging and dropping and save automatically. You can also do sizing similar with Excel.
  • Filter (now available for ProSeries Basic): You can filter your HomeBase by clicking on the filter icon on the HomeBase view. if you want to remove the filter you can click the X at the bottom right of the screen. Note—you can’t do a custom view in E-file Center. You can also reset the filter by going to HomeBase drop-down menu and click “Reset Current View.”
  • Add/edit customer views in HomeBase: You can now add custom views or import 2020 views for customers and can easily access it via the drop-down menu. You also have a search bar to help you find what you are looking for more quickly. We have helpful videos to show you how it works.

As with previous years, we’ve added the functionality to zoom in and out with “CTRL + and -”(or wheel of the mouse). This is available for both ProSeries Professional and Basic.

Plus, ProSeries Professional users can automatically transfer their custom views from their tax year 2020 software to their tax year 2021 software.

New forms and e-filing types for tax year 2021

Take advantage of 92 new forms and 21 new e-filing types across 19 states. Access the forms here.

Community: Listening to your ideas

Now you can share your ideas with us and get updates on their status—under review, accepted, or implemented. Learn more

Customer support: Providing one-on-one and self-serve assistance

Intelligent voice assistant

When you call us for help, a new listening tool will be able to route your call to the right agent much more quickly. Learn more

Tool hub application

The tool hub enables you to quickly resolve common system issues and errors, so you can get back to serving your clients. Learn more and download

Updated Learn & Support pages

We’ve enhanced our Learn & Support pages to make it easy for you to search and browse topics.

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