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tax professional on the phone

What’s New in ProSeries® 2019

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought a lot of changes, especially for tax year 2018. While you’ve been focusing on helping your clients navigate those changes, we’ve been hard at work making key improvements to make our tax preparer software, Intuit® ProConnect™ ProSeries®, better than ever. From behind-the-scenes upgrades that accelerate overall performance, to big steps in e-file coverage, continued strong support for tax reform and new features such as hosting, you can count on ProSeries to help make this your best tax year yet.

In addition to 121 new forms and 69 new e-file capabilities, check out some of the new features and productivity enhancement we’ve added to ProSeries. Here’s an overview of some of the top enhancements you can expect in your tax business software:

E-file locked returns: In ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic, you can now file confidently with the ability to lock returns; as a result, calculations will not change. If you lock the return and ProSeries detects calculation updates, you’ll get a notification to give you the control to decide when to make any changes and e-file. The return will not be e-filed until you and your client are ready.

Undo/Redo: With the new undo/redo feature in ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic, you can quickly undo data entry mistakes and more easily run scenarios for your clients. Simply click to undo previously entered data, and choose the option to revert to using the redo function.

Date control on letters and invoices: In ProSeries Professional, now you can simply click to decide which date displays on client letters and invoices. Whether you want it to reflect the e-file date or any date of your choice, you’re in control. Customize for each return using checkboxes on the Client Status worksheet, or use the global option to set every e-filed return to reflect the e-file acceptance date.

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Multiple client letters: In ProSeries Professional, choose from 18 new standard client letters, including a standard engagement letter, amendment letter, client letter in Spanish and privacy statement for 1040 clients. For business clients, access the standard client letter, plus a standard engagement letter and a privacy statement.

New eSignature experience: The best way to sign and collect eSignature just got better with four new eSignature enhancements, including an improved dashboard to track status in real time, the ability to get signature for any form or document, optional authentication for forms other than 8878 and 8879, and the functionality to collect remote or in-person signatures with a tablet or device in the office.

eSignature Dashboard

New Intuit hosting for ProSeries: Access ProSeries anytime, anywhere, on any device with cloud hosting backed by Intuit. Cut down on server costs, IT maintenance hassles, security concerns and risk of data loss. Rest assured with built-in data protections, automatic backups and 99.9 percent uptime for strong reliability.

Pay-by-Refund enhancements: You can now use the one-stop convenience of enrolling for Pay-by-Refund anytime in My Account. The new streamlined process means you no longer have to wait to enroll, and it’s easier than ever with fewer steps and one-stop convenience.

In addition, Pay-by-Refund in ProSeries Professional now has signature pad integration. Now, you can collect digital signatures in person from your Pay-by-Refund clients using a signature pad (sold separately). You no longer have to waste time, paper, printer toner and storage space. Keep all Pay-by-Refund and e-filing paperwork organized at your fingertips with a digital signature pad integrated with ProSeries.

Read more about these updates and additional enhancements. Be sure to visit your Personalized Training Portal, where you will find bite-sized training modules with content, videos and webinars about these features and more.

10 responses to “What’s New in ProSeries® 2019”

  1. Why has Pro Series Basic jacked the price again for filing a state return not included in the four state allowance? Price is now up to $34 a 13.33% increase from last year. I have used Pro Series for 20 years and I think this will be the last as I can get tax software 75% cheaper elsewhere.

  2. The new improvements and additions simply seem godsent, especially the feature of undoing/redoing and multiple client letters. This is exactly what would come in handy when time isn’t being our favorite friend. ProSeries is a software that has been my go-to for quite a while now, and with all these new enhancements that you’ve very well briefed us about Kelly, tax season seems to get a tad bit easier this time around.

    Another positive aspect is that ProSeries cloud hosting is now backed up by Intuit, I have accustomed myself and my work propagandas to cloud hosting and it has significantly eased my chores, now with ProSeries hosting on the cloud, all of it seems to be coming together in positive alignment.

    The level of customization that is being offered in the form of “Date control” is commendable, makes it feasible for me to control how I work things to the T.
    Thank you, Kelly, for this awesome briefing, couldn’t have asked for a better presentation.

  3. Hello
    Ihave been a proseries user for 30 years and love it.
    I am thinking of changing over to a iMac computer stand alone system. Does proseries make a mac software? If so am i able to copy previous years to the mac by external harddrive?
    Thank you

    Michael A Zullo, CPA

    • Hi Michael.

      Thank you for being a loyal ProSeries customer for 30 years! We appreciate you and your business. ProSeries has been and still is a Windows only application. However, while we have not changed the application, we did just introduced Hosting for Intuit ProSeries this year where you can access ProSeries from virtually any device, including you iMac. This might be a great solution for you to explore. To learn more visit:

  4. I’ve been using Pro Series since 2013 every year hoping the forms 8804, 8805 and 8813 are added to the program as well as tax return 1120F. Were they added to Pro Series this year ?

  5. The new enhancements are great though it’s still unfortunate that users cannot customize and setup e-signature docs ourselves. 99.9% of us have some means of engagement letter or service contract.
    If I cannot customize this letter to be a signature form, it now requires the additional steps of separately scanning & emailing to client(s), as well as, manual follow up & recording.