S corporation basis tracking in Intuit Tax Advisor
S corporation basis tracking in Intuit Tax Advisor Vertical

S corporation basis tracking in Intuit® Tax Advisor

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You asked, we listened, and now it’s here!

Now with Intuit® Tax Advisor, tracking S corporation stock and debt basis no longer requires simulating future years in your tax compliance product.

You can review your stock and debt basis from the imported return. As you add strategies to the plan or new economic activities to the 2024 projection return, you can track their impact using the analysis worksheets. Get alerts within the program when distributions and changes result in negative basis.

With all of this in Intuit Tax Advisor, you won’t have to keep revisiting your compliance software or spreadsheets.

This S Corporation Basis Tracking in Intuit Tax Advisor video below shows how you will be able to see the basis change:

Get started planning now

In Intuit ProConnect™ Tax or Lacerte® Tax, navigate to the left-hand side and click to open Intuit Tax Advisor. Then select “Create Tax Plan.”

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