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What’s new in Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax 2022

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Get prepared for tax year 2021 with these new features from Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax. 

Lock Return

ProConnect Tax

  • Auto-lock e-filed returns to prevent manual entry errors and calculation updates that may alter the original e-filed amounts. 
  • Returns are automatically locked after e-filing, so a copy of the e-filed version is always available for reference.
  • Return data can still be viewed in read-only mode when a return is locked, but inputs cannot be edited. 
  • Easily unlock returns and transfer original data to an amended return. 
  • Available for any completed e-filed tax return across all modules.

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Direct Data Import

ProConnect Tax 2

  • Drag and drop client tax forms from your computer into ProConnect Tax to import data directly into your client’s return. 
  • No manual data entry or Link request required. 
  • Directly import popular tax forms, including W-2, 1099-DIV, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-Misc, 1099-R, 1098s and more.   
  • Keep all your imported documents organized in the new data import drawer.
  • Archive all client documents at once for your firm’s reference at any time.
  • Look for the lightning icon, conveniently located inside your client’s return, for the data import drawer.

Smart Navigation

ProConnect Tax intelligently predicts tax forms frequently used next based on common workflow patterns.

  • New suggestions are updated each time you navigate to a new input screen, keeping you at peak performance.
  • As new workflow patterns are added, suggestions will become smarter and more personalized.  
  • Only available for non-proforma Individual (Form 1040) returns at this time. 

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Assign and manage work

ProConnect Tax 3

  • Assign staff members client returns, then re-assign the return as it changes hands within your firm until the return is complete.
  • Filter by assigned staff members, in the Tax Hub, to monitor return status and team workloads.
  • Help your staff stay focused with a personalized view of their assignments.

Expanded eFile Status

ProConnect Tax 4

Easily drill down to the status of each part of the return at the federal and state level, including extended and amended returns.

  • Color-coded by accepted and rejected returns so you can quickly focus on what’s important.
  • Click the status in each column for more explanation of what was rejected as well as transmission confirmations.

Multiple preparer awareness
ProConnect Tax 5

Get a full view of any users working on the same tax return. This can keep work moving without creating version conflicts or overwriting previous versions of the return.

  • The person(s) icon will appear at the top of the input return screens when another member of your firm joins. Hovering over the icon will reveal the member’s name. 
  • When multiple users are in the same return or multiple tabs of the same tax return are open, a version conflict can occur in which one person’s changes overwrite the others. 
  • If a version conflict occurs, you will be given the choice to save your changes or overwrite the previous version or load the latest version.

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