disappointed tax clients
disappointed tax clients

Taxpayer Access to Tax Return Information

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At Intuit®, we pilot lots of offerings to see which ones deliver awesome experiences for our customers, and we recently piloted one such offering called “Intuit Connect.” Intuit Connect enables the clients of tax professionals to access their e-filed tax return information to enable them to more quickly complete a loan application.

Tax professionals often get calls from their clients asking them to provide copies of prior tax returns and W-2s when clients apply for a new mortgage. Intuit Connect allows a tax professional’s clients access to that information to complete a loan application, saving taxpayers time and hassle by eliminating the need to retrieve and share paper tax returns. It also saves tax professionals the rework of providing copies of tax returns to clients.

You may have received some emails about Intuit Connect to gauge tax professionals’ interest in Intuit Connect and learn how to best provide a seamless experience. We gained valuable insight from feedback you provided:

  • Tax professionals were concerned about how to enroll in the program, or opt out.
  • Tax professionals wanted to learn more about the taxpayer authorization process to request and share their tax data with lenders.

What we learned most is that you, our customers, wanted more dialogue about the Intuit Connect for Accountants program. Rest assured that no one was enrolled in the program and no tax information was shared. In the cloud-connected future, we want to provide offerings that make you a hero with your clients, while maintaining your trust. We will continue to explore how to best deliver offerings such as Intuit Connect.

To learn more about Intuit Connect, see our FAQs. If you would like to provide feedback about the program, please contact Jim_Buffington@Intuit.com directly.

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