Intuit® ProConnect™ and Tax Professionals Come Closer, Together, Through the Developer Connect Program

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Intuit® ProConnect™ has a mission to help tax professionals save time, grow their practice and make a difference in their clients’ lives, and is taking a customer-centric approach to make this happen. The Developer Connect Program is a new initiative that helps tax professionals derive the most benefit from their tax software through training and education. The initiative also allows customers to work directly with our developers to make improvements to their software (ProConnect Tax Online, Lacerte®, ProSeries®, Link and other add-on products).

We have offered multiple training sessions at trade shows and events, with thousands of attendees to date. Tax developers have been able to answer your questions and have also received meaningful feedback on products.

An added benefit of this initiative is that all of the valuable feedback our developers have received has helped you start filing returns earlier and keep your workflow free of disruptions, with key product improvements, including the following :

  • Increasing the number of forms delivered by Jan. 31 by 7.2 percent.
  • Increasing the number of efilings by Jan. 31 by 17.6 percent.
  • Reducing the number of critical defects by 66 percent.
  • Reducing the number of other defects by 10.8 percent.
  • New features such as the “E-File Only” watermark (ProConnect Tax Online and Lacerte only), replacing the “Do Not File” watermark. In previous years, some customers interpreted the “Do Not File” watermark as meaning that the forms could not be filed at all, neither through print nor e-file. As a result, some firms were unaware that, in certain situations, they could have e-filed a return all along.
  • PDF auto-attach capability (Lacerte only) now attaches forms generated by the program that are required to be part of the electronic return as a PDF. This powerful feature works in conjunction with our extensive set of diagnostics to determine when a form attachment is required, generates that form as a PDF and includes it with the electronic return, when electronically filed.

The Developer Connect program has helped enable preparers to save time and file returns earlier, while providing a better experience to preparers’ clients.

We will continue to offer multiple training opportunities over the next few months, where you can increase your knowledge on the software and continue to provide valuable feedback. Visit our ProConnect booth at upcoming trade shows (for the full list, click here) or join our summer webinar series here. You can also access our online training portal to view and interact with our library of self-paced training modules.

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