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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How to Free Yourself from the Drudgery of Data Gathering and Entry

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Tax professionals are always asking, “How can I reduce the time it takes to collect and enter client information so I can do what I really want to do – make a difference in clients’ lives?”

Learning from what we’ve heard from tax professionals, Intuit has announced new customer-driven innovations in Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online that meets those needs. ProConnect Tax Online (previously known as Intuit Tax Online) is the cloud-based solution giving tax professionals the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. What’s great is that there’s nothing to install or maintain, and tax laws and forms are updated automatically.

ProConnect Tax Online is a solution for any professional, whether they are new to tax or part of an established, multi-service firms preparing high-volume 1040 or complex returns for individuals and small businesses. It can serve the needs of these firms with time-saving features that help minimize client data collection and entry so you can invest more time helping their clients succeed in ways they never thought possible.

Sixty-five percent of tax professionals’ time is spent on data collection and data entry! That needs fixing. ProConnect Tax Online is designed to help dramatically reduce this time. For the 2016 tax season, accountants and their clients will benefit from several new features including: automated data import: you can reduce data entry and save time by automatically importing client information into ProConnect Tax Online. Intuit uses intelligent mapping, optical character recognition technology, direct connections with financial institutions and payroll providers, and document uploads so that 40 percent of tax data can be automatically and seamlessly imported into a client’s current year tax return.

There is a new automated K-1 transfer feature that  automatically generates a Schedule K-1 when preparing partnerships, corporate and S corporation returns. In a single click, you can import data directly into the individual tax returns associated with the business entity, reducing duplicate data entry.

If you want faster tax return review, it’s there. You can cut data entry and tax return preparation down to mere minutes for clients with unchanged tax situations year over year. A new side-by-side view of current and prior-year tax data gives you easy access to information, expediting return preparation.

Another great feature is the simplified Client Communication with Intuit Link. Combined with ProConnect Tax Online, Intuit Link is an intelligent portal that makes it easy for clients to automate the delivery of their tax data in a timely and organized way and can potentially save you up to 18 days in tax season! ProConnect Tax Online and Link enable quick creation of personalized digital checklists that you can sent to clients based on their prior year tax return. Clients can answer questions and upload documents from any device with Link when they have time. Once uploaded to Link, clients no longer have to keep track of the documents and have anytime, anywhere access to their data.

Lastly, you can be confident with the reimagined QuickBooks Online Accountant integration that ProConnect Tax Online will transfer client data from QuickBooks Online Accountant Edition into your client’s tax return with just a few clicks. Check out ProConnect Tax Online if you are looking for a time-saving solution for your practice.

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