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Tax Pros for Reel: What Does it Mean to You to Be a Part of the QuickBooks® Community?

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Find out what it means to Intuit® ProConnect™ tax professionals and QuickBooks® Accountants to be a part of the QuickBooks community in this “Tax Pros for Reel” video.


Learn more about the benefits of QuickBooks Online Accountant.

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2 responses to “Tax Pros for Reel: What Does it Mean to You to Be a Part of the QuickBooks® Community?”

  1. Hi, Wanted to pass on some feedback. I’ve been enjoying the emails you’re sending and the variety of topics covered. However, now that you’ve changed the format of the email (very short intro to article with link to full article) I’m not reading them anymore. There isn’t enough in the email to let me now if I’m interested in the topic. I fly through emails so quickly (because there are SO many) I don’t feel I have time to click through.

    I know you can’t change it back just for me, but wanted to let you know how I felt. Maybe others do too?

    Pat Palmer Palmer’s Accounting & Tax Service 407.957.0321 Office 407.319.5921 Cell

    • Thank you for the feedback, Pat. We want to make it easy for you to read the content, so we’ll definitely take this into consideration!