Tax Accounting
Tax Accounting

Intuit® ProSeries® Tax users: Get your system ready for tax season

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With the release of Intuit® ProSeries® Tax 2021, we want to make sure you have the necessary resources available to you to start things off on the right track. Here are some key resources to aid you in installing your product, as well as recommendations to optimize its performance.

In addition, get up-to-date information regarding future release dates for specific formsets.

Editor’s note: Melinda Philippsen contributed to this article.

2 responses to “Intuit® ProSeries® Tax users: Get your system ready for tax season”

  1. Hello, I am currently using ATX Software and am looking to see if I want to change tax programs, would like to dowload 2020 Pro Series Tax Preparation Software to “check” out your tax program. I have used ATX for about 20 years but they are insensitivie to customer’s needs and its so very hard to connect with them during tax season to get answers, so am checking other tax prepareation programs. Do you have a 2020 model which I can download to review program to see if I would like to purchase 2021 version? I process about 300 returns annually and most are e-files, also looking for e-sgnature and on-line e-sign capacity plus up to date customers services which will make it easier for tax customers to have thier taxes processed.