ProSeries 2020
ProSeries 2020

What’s new in ProSeries® Tax 2020

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Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made Intuit® ProSeries® Tax better than ever. From smart security features to all-new e-file capabilities, you can count on ProSeries to help make this tax year the best it can be.

Installation instructions

ProSeries Installation 2020

Returning ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic customers: Go to the Help menu in your tax year 2019 software and select Download Next Year’s ProSeries for easy installation. View detailed instructions

First-year ProSeries Professional and ProSeries Basic customers: Log in to My Account and download ProSeries 2020 using the download link on your dashboard. View detailed instructions

Customers with Hosting for ProSeries: 

Log in to My Account. Select Users under Account Name, then click on the user’s name to access applications. Select 2020 ProSeries Tax, then click Install App. See instructions. 

Product enhancements: Helping you focus on your clients

Database ProSeries 2020

Database replacement: To ensure you get alerts when you need them, we’ve delivered platform enhancements and an upgraded database to help deliver higher quality and reliability in ProSeries in tax year 2020 and beyond. 

Better filtering options for heightened efficiency: For tax year 2020, you will be able to drill down with multiple column filters and search functionality to locate single return or group of returns.

Improved stability: We’re making ProSeries more reliable by studying the issues that generate the most calls from customers like you. Plus, you can access helpful articles when you get an error message if you prefer to troubleshoot the issue on your own. 

Print Preview (new for ProSeries Basic): Now, you can preview a return and select only the pages you want to print. 

Smarter forms bar (coming soon): The forms bar now gives you the ability to filter – for example, looking at certain sections within the form.

EFIN verification and security (coming soon): To help you save time, ProSeries will offer improved EFIN validation to reduce the number of data mismatch issues you experience. 

New e-file capabilities: Boosting your efficiency

New e-file is now available for the following:


  • The IRS now allows e-file for amended returns and support functionality.

Amended returns (4):

  • Wisconsin Individual (1)
  • Indiana S-Corporation and Partnership (2)
  • New Mexico Corporate (1)

Returns (8):

  • Arizona Corporate, S-Corporation, and Partnership (3)
  • Hawaii Corporate (1)
  • Mississippi Corporate, S-Corporation, and Partnership (3)
  • New Mexico Corporate (1)

Community: Listening to your ideas

ProSeries Tax Idea Exchange: Now you can share your ideas with us and get updates on their status – under review, accepted, or implemented.

Customer support: Providing one-on-one and self-serve assistance

Intelligent voice assistant: When you call us for help, a new listening tool will be able to route your call to the right agent much more quickly. 

Tool hub application: The tool hub enables you to quickly resolve common program issues and errors, so you can get back to serving your clients. 

Optional workflow tools: Helping you do even more

Intuit Practice Management. Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon gives you confidence that everyone in your firm is working on the right projects so nothing falls through the cracks. You get real-time visibility to progress across your practice, all from one place.

IPM 2020

Pay-by-Refund: The Pay-by-Refund HomeBase view allows you to see your client’s status, next steps, status date, expected refund, funded amount, and funded date.

To make it easier to get started, enrollment forms for new and returning customers are now pre-filled. For added convenience, you can enroll through My Account or within your ProSeries software. Enrollment for all products and banks is already open.

There are two banks choices for tax year 2020: TPG and Refund Advantage. You have the option to enroll in expanded bank offerings like Refund Advances and more.

eSignature: ProSeries Professional is now expanding your options for capturing in-person electronic signatures. You’ll be able to choose virtually any device for in-person and out-of-office eSignatures through DocuSign, or in-person signature pad capabilities.

eSignature is now available for ProSeries Basic. Now all ProSeries customers will be able to offer clients the ease and security of anytime, anywhere digital signatures. Plus, ProSeries is now offering eSignature Unlimited so pros never have to worry about running out.

eSignature ProSeries 2020

Hosting: Hosting for ProSeries automatically searches for updates nightly and downloads when they are available, so they are ready for you when you log in the next day. Get up and running with updated software as soon as it is released. No need to download and install using traditional methods. In addition, the improved onboarding experience can get your whole firm up in running in just days.

The available business application add-on (additional cost) allows you to house over 50 supported apps along with ProSeries, so you can move your entire office to the cloud, all in one convenient place. We recently added Citrix Sharefile and are looking to add more in the future. Hosting for ProSeries also now supports EasyACCT.

Firm-level Audit Assistance. We are partnering with Tax Protection Plus to launch a firm-level option for Audit Assistance, giving you the option to add Audit Assistance and ID Theft Protection to every single 1040 client. Enrolled firms simply pay $10 for every filed 1040 return.

Training: Keeping you up to date

Free, live and pre-recorded webinars. Attend live and pre-recorded webinars on topics that matter most to you, at times that work best with your schedule. More than 30,000 pros signed up for webinars last year. New sessions on tax law, ethics, product courses, and more are continually added.

Personalized training portal. Access bite-sized training modules with content that’s recommended just for you.

COVID-19 resources. Quickly find the latest information you and your clients need on our newly redesigned COVID-19 resource center.


12 responses to “What’s new in ProSeries® Tax 2020”

  1. In the past, to efile, federal tax ID of the employer on a W2 was required. I notice no error message appeared when missing the EIN. Has this changed? I mention this because I have prepared a return based on a paystub, no W2, thus no EIN.

    • Hello – ProSeries requires the Employer’s EIN on W2’s when e-filing. When paper filing/mailing the return, ProSeries does not require the EIN.

  2. Is the password protective email of the clients return running on 64 bit this year. I do not see the option to switch email to 64 bit.

      • Hi Kelly,

        Are there plans to include the 64 bit option for emails in ProSeries 2020? This was an option in ProSeries 2019 and would be incredibly helpful for sending out checklists and other password protected PDFs.

      • Hi Cara – you will be able to use 64 bit option for email in ProSeries 2021 starting January 20. Please note that it will only work in Outlook, Thunderbird and Affinity. Thanks.

  3. WE need training and a little simple instructions to follow thru the many changes of the tax forms in 2020.