Tax preparer at desk
Tax preparer at desk

What’s New in ProSeries® 2017

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Are you prepared for tax year 2017? While you’ve been spending time finding new clients, staffing up and getting your systems in order, we’ve been busy improving Intuit® ProConnect™ ProSeries® with several new features:

Locking returns: The single most requested feature from ProSeries users is on its way. This feature allows you to lock returns from being changed once filed, and to help ensure your records are accurate, you can open previous year returns without mistakenly changing them. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to lock a return:

proseries 2017 locking returns feature

Export HomeBase information to Excel for ProSeries Basic: Easily export all of the information from your HomeBase views to a .csv file that can be opened in Excel. Once exported, you can use spreadsheets to analyze information about your clients or create mailing lists for birthday and holiday cards, newsletters, and other marketing efforts. ProSeries Professional users already have this capability and love the flexibility of being able to use the advanced analytics to take a deeper look at clients, use the Client Analyzer view to export data for specific tax scenarios or even create custom mailing lists.

PDF auto-attach expanded from business to 1040 returns: This feature is designed to reduce errors for what was formerly a six-step process to two. Now, you can auto-attach a form for e-file compliance in 1040 returns. Simply right-click and you’ll get a confirmation to attach.

Expand the “Where Do I Enter” feature to every ProSeries product and all state form sets. Search keyword(s) that describe the data you aren’t sure where to enter, and ProSeries takes you to that location. For example, searching for “1099-Q for 1040” will bring you to payments from qualified education. “Where Do I Enter” is currently available on Forms 1040, 1065, 1120 and 1120S. Customers praise this feature and say it is very helpful when a client has uncommon data.

ProSeries 2017 Where do I Enter Feature

ProSeries 2017 Where do I Enter Feature

ProSeries 2017 Where do I Enter Feature

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4 responses to “What’s New in ProSeries® 2017”

  1. What happened with “Where do I enter” feature?

    It worked in all previous versions but not in 2017.

    Is it a bug or they want you to pay extra?

    Pop-up window: ProSeries Basic Edition-2017. The “where do I enter” feature is not available in this product.

    • Suzanne, thank you for the feedback about what you’d like to see in ProSeries. Your feedback is important to us, and we’ll consider it as we continue to invest in new features in the future!