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IRS states refund paid but client never recieved (direct deposit)

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Client never received refund although "Where;s my refund" states it was sent back in April.

Filed form 3911 on 8/17/22 and never received a response.

Calling IRS results in being disconnected because of high call volume.

I am going to fax the form and also try the local IRS office (dont expect that to help).

Anyone else experiencing this situation?

Any other suggestions to resolve?


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The only experience I had was a client claimed that they had not received their refund yet. I went to the IRS site and took a picture of the refund information, then sent to client. Client had more than one bank account and DD was setup to the account they weren't paying attention to.  Their refund was there. 

I would ask to see a picture of a check to verify account/routing number.


Level 15

I've had experience same as @Norman2001 .    Client forgot DD was going into savings instead of checking. 

Also had a client swear they never received the money.  After discussing which account and approximate time the funds should have been DD, they remembered they had received and had spent the money on a home renovation project !      


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The one thing that is refreshing about this forum is the fact that we can compare notes and based on that information it is easy to tell that we all have morons on our team 😬

Slava Ukraini!
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THank you, and good idea.  I did have her verify the information on the 3911 we sent in to trace the refund.


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I would love if that happened!  Would get this monkey off my back!!