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recovery rebate

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If someone is claimed in 2019 as a dependent. In 2020 they are not claimed. Can they get the recovery rebate of 1200 and 600?

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According to the IRS webinar I just watched, Yes.

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If they are not ELIGIBLE to be claimed, yes.

If they are ELIGIBLE to be claimed, no.

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It's going to be a fun year trying to sort out who is really eligible and who just wants to be.  I'm glad that the April 15th deadline has been moved to August 15th this year.

(just thought I would throw that August 15th out there to see how many rumors I could start 😜)

Slava Ukraini!
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Level 15

I just got one of those emails.....

"We claim my dad every year because all he has is SSI and food stamps, but he didnt get any stimulus. And we didnt get any stimulus for him either. He called IRS and they told him to go to H&R Block and "get in the system" so he can get the $1800 stimulus money.  Is this something you can help him with?"

SMH  I think IRS is going to see lots of dependent fall off returns for 2020.


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"to August 15th this year."

+ 1 day. The 15th is a Sunday. Honestly, if you want to start a rumor, at least start a true rumor...

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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Sorry.  Since I lost my AllStar title, I was taken off of the mailing list for those Intuit calendars and I can't afford to buy one based on my take home pay here.

Slava Ukraini!