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ProSeries Basic - Stopped working - Will not open

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I have opened and worked in my ProSeries for tax year 2020 for almost a month.  I was in the application yesterday.  All of a sudden today, it will not open (don't even get a sign on screen).  I even tried re-installing the application from my CD.  After it said the install was complete, when I clicked on the "Launch ProSerice Now" button, nothing.  No sign on, nothing.  I can go back and run my ProSeries Basic for 2019 but nothing now for 2020.





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Intuit Alumni

Can you go into your installation directory, navigate into /32bit, and see if the following two files are there:



Note the .config and/or .exe extensions might be hidden.

If the protax20.exe is not there.. do you have any anti-virus software like AVG Internet Security? I was helping someone else today - turned out it randomly decided to quarantine our protax20.exe... so all of a sudden it was gone from his system and nothing worked.  He had to go in there and whitelist.  

If the file is there, can you go into the /32bit/logs directory and email proseries.txt to proseries_engineering@intuit.com?  That might have detail. 

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Just posting history / follow up sake + to get additional cases if others are running into this.

From the [installationDirectory]/common/UpdateLog.txt file we're seeing that some files are failing to get updated, because the system is unable to rename them. 

[Sat Jan 16 22:04:11 2021]  ### adc support Failed - Error(22) - patch:C:\BasWin20\Updates\wadcdlls-200-5000020.rtp - File: 32bit\TourPresenterSL.dll - ProSeries Basic Edition Update - Failure Renaming File

[Sun Jan 17 11:55:10 2021] ### basic 1040 individual Failed - Error(22) - patch:C:\BasWin20\Updates\wfbipro-200-201794.rtp - File: forms\1040_20\fdixml.1pe - ProSeries Basic Edition Update - Failure Renaming File


We haven't figured out why this is happening yet.  If anyone else runs into this issue, please reply here so we can start gathering data to see if we can find a common root cause.  My guess is some sort of issue with backup, anti-virus, or anti-malware software... or that something on the system is modifying these files, and the update won't overwrite them.

The workaround:

  • Rename any file that's getting an Error(22) 
  • Go to the start menu, and choose ProSeries 2020 -> Tools Repair Updates

If you don't want to deal with renaming/looking at the log file, you can try to just restart your machine and then choose Tools Repair Updates or of course call into Customer Support.

Level 3

This is a strange issue that was encountered but it is also a rare occurrence.  It apparently is caused by a "faulty" update but the specifics are still being explored.  The Intuit support on my issue was excellent and did not stop until I had a resolution.  You can take this reply as an acceptance of the solution for my issue.  Thanks again Orlando.

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I'm working with the 3rd party vendor on this issue, but they are not sure what the root cause is. 99% of the time everything works great. Occasionally we are seeing these Update(22) issues (note this is not new this year.. what is new is that we are reporting issues with much more detail, so that we can do a better job of ascribing problem to workaround, and ultimately in fixing these for good)




If you run into this, you have time to help us troubleshoot, and are willing.. please respond to this thread or email proseries_engineering@intuit.com. The vendor is going to provide a version of their library that logs a lot more information that might help them figure things out.

If you just want to fix things as fast as possible..

  • Restart your machine, then do a Start Menu -> ProSeries 2020 -> Tools Repair Updates

If you still get that (22) error

  • Open [installDirectory]/appdata/updateLog.txt in NotePad or Word and search for Error(22). You'll see lines like this:

[Sat Jan 16 22:06:45 2021] ### basic 1040 individual Failed - Error(22) - patch:C:\BasWin20\Updates\wfbipro-200-201794.rtp - File: forms\1040_20\fdixml.1pe - ProSeries Basic Edition Update - Failure Renaming File

  • For each file that is getting that Error(22), go into FileExplorer and rename the file (assuming it's just one or two.. if it's a bunch I'd call into support). For example, rename fdixml.1pe to fdixml.old.1pe.
  • Then run Start Menu -> ProSeries 2020 -> Tools Repair Updates
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I'm having the same issue. 2021 program will not open after installation.  Please help

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Yes, I had it yesterday.  It took my son 6 hours to find the renaming issue.  But it works.

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