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How to link my e-signatures purchased with Proseries to Docusign account?

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Hi Team,

I hope everyone is doing good.

Does anyone know how to integrate E-Signatures purchased with Proseries to Docusign? 

My CAN# has changed, and i think this is the reason why there is a glitch now and my e-signatures are not connected to Docusign.


I tried calling the help desk, waited for over an hour to get it resolved but they don't know how. Maybe there is someone h

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Judy A
Level 3

Lets start with are you asking for esigns thru the tax programs?  If so it all links on its own. Or do you have separate accounts. tax program and docusign???

My Pro Series professional starts in the tax programs giving them signing abilities and a watermarked copy of their return to look over.   After signing, I printed the esign docs and efile their returns ....simple.

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Hi Judy,

I have e-signatures that i purchased with proseries. In Prior Years, all of those signatures were linked with docusign.com. Sometimes, when the clientsfail the identification question, for some unknown reason, you could go directly to DocuSign and remove that questionnaire option. 

Now, since its not linked to docusign, if clients can't e-sign because of the questions, i have to send them the form via email, they have to print, handsign it & scan it back to me. More work for me and them...


Thank you

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