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Am I Supposed to Memorize Your Return

Level 11

Clients walk in unannounced all the time.  Okay, I'll live with it if I have time to do a quick meet.

What was that $699 on my return?  I'm sorry, do you think I memorize every line of everyone's tax returns?  And I completed your return two weeks ago.  Then they get huffy that I don't.  Grrrr.

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Level 15

They say that your memory is the first thing to go.  I kinda forgot what the second and third things are.


Slava Ukraini!

At least you remembered it was one of your clients!

Judy A
Level 3

Glad you didn't say...Oh are you ready to file your tax return????

Level 11

When I greet someone in the lobby, (with folder in right hand of course to avoid hand shaking) i sometimes honestly don't know if I did their return the prior year or not.. i usually know but with so may clients sometimes I forget some of them

Level 15

they act like their return is the only one that we do.

Level 15

"Just Because I'm

Your Only Tax Guy

Doesn't Mean You Are

My Only Client"

Level 7

Similar to Bob's post, I picked this up some time ago at TaxProtalk:

I try to treat each client as if they're my only client, but don't expect them to act that way.



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