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Pro Series Crash when Print & Save

Level 3

Pro Series is crashing sporadically when printing to PDF and when saving the file. When I restart my computer, the first print works and then it crashes on the second one. Same with saving the file - sometimes it saves and sometimes it crashes.

Print to PDF, Network and I am admin computer

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Level 8

I remember when I faced to this problem, print preview, it was around FEB 5th that I called Proseries and a lady through Help, Smartlook came to my laptop and she moved some data from 2021 to 2022, I asked her, do not do this obviously each data is related to its year, but she ignore it and catastrophe happened for me till now.

I called Proseries 100 times maybe, they could not fix it and I can say:  Proseries does not have a fully expert to solve like this. For me it was the worst tax season in my life business'. Also, I lost two customer while Proseries crashed and they asked me what is your software name? I said Pros.....


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