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homebase 2020

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Is there a way in Homebase Data Maintenance to only bring select clients into the homebase view in the new 2020 proseries?  New Data maintenance brings all the clients forward automatically.

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Level 15
Level 15

Theyre working on it!  Many people are not happy with the new Homebase functions.

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OK, so there have been many people who do not like the new "automatic" Homebase 2020 features. I will add our firm to the list. Two weeks ago there was a statement made about a "fix" being available on February 4, 2021. It is now February 10, 2021 and no "fix" has been rolled out.

What is a realistic date when Homebase 2020 will be closer to the Homebase features of the past?

I am sure we are not alone in this inquiry, desire, and need for Homebase 2020 to allow a user to add just the clients they need rather than every client.

How about it Intuit? What is your response??

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If you have only so many returns in HB so far, open one. Go to the "Open Client File" button, click, and close the open file by saying No, do not save, then the program goes to the list of clients. Find the one you want, and open it. Save.

Then only that one will be added to the HB.

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