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e signatures on engagement letter - ProSeries

David Stone
Level 2

Has anybody found the instructions on how to set up e signatures on engagement letters and others forms and documents? 

Thank you in advance

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David Stone
Level 2

I have been on the phone for over 2 hours now and talking with tier 2 and they have never ever heard of this - UGH!!!

UPDATE - this feature is being worked on but it is not available yet. Need to hold off sending out engagement letters!!! 

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Level 1

I've been calling asking the same thing and support is no help.  They keep telling me the letter is there, which I know but it's not E-signature ready!  And I'm concerned about signatures being obtained on consent form prior to return preparation, as per regulations and revenue procedures for complying with Internal Revenue Code Section (IRC §) 7216?  E-Signature only lets you request a signature AFTER the return is complete and error-free.  It's just all off to me.


Lacerte appears to have 7216 Consent Forms that can be sent to the client but ProSeries does not, which is another beef I have! 

Level 7

last year I had to go to docusign to get them set up and then sent from there. I was going to check this out for this year as I am adding additional forms for due diligence. Hope this is not going to be a headache since we have a large client base UGH!!

If they are going to promote this you would think they would have better support for it.


UPDATE:  I think I figured out a way to do it.  Print the letter as a PDF then on esignature request hit Browse and find it.  It adds it to the bottom and you can go from there.  You have to add the Sign and date yellow tabs where they go. It is time consuming but I am using one of my clients as a test subject to see if it works.  And hopefully when I get the tax return done I won't get charged for another esignature. 

Three years later and I guess this still isn't a thing we can do.  I want to send Engagement letters to be signed BEFORE I work on their taxes.  I just tried and I can choose it (in ProSeries Pro), it puts a green check mark by it but adding it below or hitting next is greyed out.  I tried all the other forms they have on the dropdown and none work.  Anyone know of a fix or am I missing something?


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