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E-Signature White Screen

White screen after requesting the e-signature. Says the return is through processing, but nothing visible. Tried updating, refreshing updates, and repairing updates. Found that these painful processes did help in the past after 3-4 iterations each or a certain combination, but today, nothing. Help?

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1. Check for Windows Updates. Download, Install, and Restart Windows until no new windows updates are available in “Check for Updates” (This is a Windows function).

2. Then run the repair updates tool for ProSeries.

3. If this does not fix your E-signature issue, go into your ProWin19 folder, rename the current “32bit” subfolder to “32bitOld” and create a new folder called 32bit within the ProWin19 folder. Then reinstall ProSeries to the ProWin19 folder. 

If you are on a network installation, follow the steps 1 and 2. If this does not solve your issue, rename the ProWin19 folder to ProWin19Old, then go your shared network folder ProNet19, go to into the sub folder wkstn, and run the Setup.exe .

This should solve your e-signature “Invalid URL”, “an unexpected error occurred”, or blank white screen issue.

Within 2 minutes after posting, I tried again and it worked just fine. I've had this happen 3 times this week - all of which have taken far too long to fix. I'm 2 1/2 hours into trying to fix this instance alone. I've read that there are some known issues about this process - so any idea as to what's being done? Extremely frustrating.

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Hi Patrick - not sure what causes it to work sometimes and not others- but if you go through the steps listed, it should keep the issue from re-appearing. Has worked for me and other ProSeries users. If you call ProSeries technical support, they should be able to walk you through the process.

Thanks for the advice... but I've actually been through these very steps with tech support twice in the past three weeks. Both times I was advised that this is a 'known issue' that's been happening for about a week - except it's been going on for nearly a month. In my opinion, tech support's lost on this issue, which is the very reason I turned to the community.

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I am IT for an accounting firm in San Diego, and after exhausting EVERY possible tip given by Intuit and a few tricks of my own, I can attest that the problem will ONLY be thoroughly and permanently resolved when Intuit fixes an internal programming glitch.


A guess is the problem lies in the Software technology  they are using to display the dashboard. Java? Flash? The fact that they are relying on an outdated Internet Explorer is a big red flag that they are not using modern and evolving programming techniques in their builds.  

BTW It is affecting Lacerte AND Proseries 19.

Exact same reappearing and disappearing info in Esig Dashboard 

Oh, yes, totally agree. Here we are again today - I'm now 30 minutes into ANOTHER whitescreen. On top of that, every time I have to reinstall proseries on this workstation, I have to rebuild the query fields. This is not an acceptable solution.

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This is time consuming and frustrating.  Doing all these steps takes our time and what I sell is my knowledge and time.  Can ProSeries (Intuit) get this fixed NOW or refund us all for the E-Signature purchases, I have been waiting for a week to send and retrieve the E-Signatures, Snail Mail would be done by now and the cost of a stamp is less then the Efile Cost.  Common IT at Intuit get this problem fixed NOW.

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