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E-file District of Columbia Forms D-20 and D-30

Lord Happy
Level 5

Happy day,

Each year I keep hoping that I will be able to e-file the D-20 and the D-30, and each year I am disappointed.  Since 2016, DC has participated in the MeF.  Drake, Ultratax and Prosystems e-files it.  The D-20 isn't some weird, arcane form...its the basic corporate tax return.

Admittedly, the D-30 is a bit arcane, so I can get that, but the D-20?  Come on...

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Level 15

You seem to have come to the wrong  .... oh, wait, I see you're Level 3, you must have been around for a while.  See, the problem is that all the DC tax preparers have already signed up for  Drake, Ultratax and Prosystems, so there is just no market for Intuit to sell such a product improvement.  

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Lord Happy
Level 5

Happy day Bob,

Ok.  So let's look at this a new way.  

Hey Intuit!  Did you know that when there's a change in the political party operating in DC, that the number of new businesses opening in DC skyrocket?  Did you know that a lot of businesses have moved from MD to DC because of the deductability of the franchise tax?  Yes, its (likely) true!  This is a spectacular market opportunity to capitalize on attracting new tax practitioners that suddenly find themselves needing to file DC returns.  Why let Drake, Ultratax and Prosystems own the nation's capital?