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PDF Version of Organizer


My clients are requesting FILLABLE organizers.  Can you make this happen so we can stop with the paper organizers?   The e-organizer is not something most of my clients can work with so a fillable PDF would be great. 

Thank you for your feedback and votes. 
We understand this is an opportunity not only for Lacerte but for many accountants using Intuit products. This idea continues to be Under Review as the team is researching options for a holistic approach on this topic. 

Please continue to share your feedback as we develop and scope next steps for bringing this enhancement to life. 

Status: Under review
Vote now if this is a good idea
Level 2

Let's not lose sight of the fact that pen and paper, as old technology, still offers the best flexibility possible because clients can write notes or comments in the margins and between lines to better explain items which have nuances that "yes" or "no" answers cannot capture.  

I have been running a no-interview practice for 20+ years, and find that my clients use the pen and paper to augment the questionnaire, give perspective and offer incidental information that is usually helpful

If we digitize the questionnaire portion, my warning is to include plenty of unrestricted text fields where clients can annotate the organizer with their thoughts, not just a blank page at the end of the organizer.  

Sometimes email just doesn't cut it.  You have to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone.  The same is applicable to electronic organizers.  Sometimes the old tech just works better.  So, when converting the paper organizer to digital, let's keep in mind we're trying to replicate the pen and paper, not abridge it's usefulness by digital shortcuts.  That is, your practice is anything other than a tax mill or humanized version of Turbotax.


My clients also want pdf fillable  organizers!

Level 3

I fully agree with this.  It will be a great refinement to the program and make more clients willing to fill it out!


I sure hope there will be a pdf fillable organizer soon in Lacerte!

Level 4

  Since I keep seeing new responses on this thread--and someone who was *not* involved with creating the utility separately posted a link to it--I thought folks might be interested in seeing what a finished product looks like once all of the pages have had fields laid on them.

  This link is to a [no password] copy of the file that my office uses for new clients this year; anyone who has information from last year's return obviously gets their specific pages.  (Like the fellow who has forty [40] page18/rental properties...)






Robert Kirk

Level 1

Absolutely, many clients ask for this.  They don't want the electronic organizer, just a fillable pdf organizer.



The questionnaires in the Intuit Link are impossible to print out for our records so I have to snip and paste. Even in the Intuit Link a pdf fillable questioinaire to complete that we can print to DMS or to our portals and/or to paper would be so helfpul for clients and for the tax preparers.  I am wondering if there is some program to make the Lacerte tax organizers fillable when the pdf is opened and to be able to save it?

Level 1

Amen! Long over due IMHO.

Level 2

Absolutely would love it. I hate the E-Organizers (difficult for clients & no audit trail for changes that are made). Fillable PDF would be fabulous.

Level 2

I have been requesting this for at least 10 years.

Also, the "Intuit Link" questionnaire is only viewable and downloadable as a .csv file.  When opening this in Excel and expanding the columns to see what the clients are answering it becomes UNMANAGABLE no matter what is done. On top of that the default font is almost unreadable.  How about a pdf or word doc that is formatted similar to the organizer (that , after all is what this is replacing) and usefull to a tax preparer.

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