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PDF Version of Organizer


My clients are requesting FILLABLE organizers.  Can you make this happen so we can stop with the paper organizers?   The e-organizer is not something most of my clients can work with so a fillable PDF would be great. 

Thank you for your feedback and votes. 
We understand this is an opportunity not only for Lacerte but for many accountants using Intuit products. This idea continues to be Under Review as the team is researching options for a holistic approach on this topic. 

Please continue to share your feedback as we develop and scope next steps for bringing this enhancement to life. 

Status: Under review
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Level 3
I agree. I ran all of my orgs through Foxit to make them fillable. It seems like that could be part of the organizer print process. This is a long overdue need for our clients. It makes tax preparers look like they use old technology. It's not good for us and if users think the software is old school, they may not trust the security either.
Level 2

Exactly, it makes us look like we are using old technology!  

Returning Member

We completely agree - we have discussed how helpful it would be to have a PDF-fillable organizer format so clients could easily type in data. 

Level 1

I agree strongly.  The E-Organizers are a disaster, and the fact they are sent out as an .EXE file makes users hesitant to open them.  Most computers block this type of file from opening, so they then have to 'authorize' a 'potentially dangerous' file on their computers.  Oh, and you cant use it if you're on a Mac. 

Fillable PDFs would make everything so much easier.  Been asking for this for years.

Returning Member

Yes!  I agree 1000%


Level 2

Strongly agreed! I've tried to run them as a fillable form and it comes out nasty and a big waste of time.

Level 2

I agree on the e-organizers  JL207!  Clients are afraid to open them (lots of big warnings!) and of course if your client has a MAC they don't work at all.  I have also found with the e-organizers that I spend just as much time as I would if I entered the information myself.  They don't really add value for me as I am triple checking what the uninformed client has done.  The only reason I offered them up as an option this year was to let my clients know I am up to date with technology.  But I feel with the varying skill level of my clients a FILLABLE PDF would check all the boxes.  

Returning Member

Yes, this would be very helpful!  I think Intuit Link is a good solution for many clients, but not all.  Having a fillable PDF organizer that autosaves in the cloud would be the way to go!  Thank you for considering.

Level 3

Agree 100%...I'm currently using Intuit Practice Management with Karbon and am liking it a lot so far for workflow. However I've not been impressed with Intuit Link. There's other software like TaxDome that has "digital organizers" but they don't include tax return data which has made me reluctant to use that. Hence a better solution using PDF could be a great solution.

Level 2

Switched to AICPA fillable PDF organizers four years ago. Will certainly use Lacerte fillable PDF organizer once available.  

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