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Missing entity info on CA Form 3893 (PTE)

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Our office has now had 2 clients the used the Lacerte 2024 CA Form 3893 (PTE) to pay their PTE payment. Both clients payments were supposed to be applied to their S-Corps, but unlike the state form where there is a box to check that says "This payment is for Form: __100S __565 __568". The lacerte form does not have this box. So after speaking with the state, they "guessed" the type of entity and guessed wrong. The payments were applied incorrectly and now we're wondering about the other 50+ forms we sent out and if this is happening to anyone else. I think this is something lacerte needs to update on the voucher...

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If you are referring to the 2024 Form....

The F 3893 from Lacerte shows on the upper left corner "Form "  1,2, or 3 ".  That number indicates the type of entity.

If the FTB isn't processing that info, I don't see how it is Lacerte/Intuit's fault. 

I haven't seen the issue reported (yet) on Spidell's message board.  And I haven't experienced it yet but I insist my clients pay this on line to avoid giving the FTB any opportunity to muck it up.

I didn't check on the 2023 version.

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Thanks! Unfortunately, they must have hired someone new at the FTB, we've had 3 of these now. I will advise online to avoid this. Didn't realize this "Form 1" which I see on the voucher was to mean 100S. Thanks for the info!

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