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Level 2

Anyone try printing their first 1099-NEC ?  

The year is not lining up in the new box where the year must be listed.  Also, the year is supposed to be 2 digits since the form already has 20__ .  The software is printing the whole year.

I realize we can adjust the location of the print settings; however, it shifts all the data and messes something else up if I try to fix for the year.

Is this being fixed ?  Don't understand why the software is not troubleshooting this before rollout.

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Alex C
Level 2

I am having the same issues. The margins are way off when printing the NEC on red forms (ordered from Intuit) and once I adjust it for Copy A of the NEC, it changes the margins for the other forms too. Additionally, the recipient copies do not line up with the envelopes. If I print Copy B or Copy 2 it will not line up with the 1099 envelopes- the TINs are visible.

Level 1

We have had the same problem so I tried printing the 1099 NEC Copy B,C,1 on 3-part perf paper and for the most part the top part will work in a small 1099 envelope.  It is absurd that we have to rigg these forms for envelopes or print on white paper and cut them to get them to fit!