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How to migrate EasyAcct 2019 to a brand new server

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Happy New Year everyone!


I am a new IT tech recently hired at a small Accounting office. We recently purchased a brand new server and I need to figure out how to migrate the installed EasyAcct 2019 software from the old one to the new one. 

I tried to call EasyAcct support, but can't get through pass the automatic answering machine (tried to press 2 for installation help or 3 for everything else).


If anybody can help me by pointing out what to transfer after installation of the software on the new server. I will really appreciate it.


Also, I am assuming that on the client workstation, I only have to change the path from the shared drive on the old server to the new one. Please let me know.


Thank you in advance. Have a great start of the year!!

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IT for another accounting firm here, EasyAcct is not installed on our server at all, it's only a shared network resource for the data.

Makes life way easier this way. From old server to new, just copy the data and make sure that path is mapped on clients.

I've had problems in the past and EASYAcct support recommended not running the app on the server. Same for Information Return System if you guys are using that.


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IT here. Each computer has the software downloaded on it as an application, however, our server only holds the data file, no actual software. You can map the path under "System" Tab in EasyAcct and then select "System Characteristics" to input the Path for Company Data. Make sure that you also have an EasyAcct backup file (we have a new one each year), separate from the Company Data file.

We had a new server a few years ago and I was able to just copy over the data from the server and utilize the path after mapping it to each computer station.

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