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Tax Advisory resource library now open online

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Welcome to tax advisory!

A new tax advisory resource library is now available online. The site walks you through a variety of scenarios to either offering tax advisory in your practice or boosting your practice’s services.

Three key areas serve as your guide:

  1. What is tax advisory?
  2. How to I get started?
  3. How should I set my pricing?

On the site, you can also check out the Intuit® Tax Advisor, software that integrates with Intuit ProConnect™ Tax and Lacerte® Tax, as well as sign up for a monthly tax advisor newsletter.

Visit the tax advisory resource library today.

Intuit Accountants Team

The Intuit® Accountants team provides ProConnect™ Tax, Lacerte® Tax, ProSeries® Tax, and add-on software and services to enable workflow for its customers. Visit us at, or follow us on Twitter @IntuitAccts. More from Intuit Accountants Team

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