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Intuit Tax Advisor wins prestigious award

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Recently, Intuit Tax Advisor won a spring 2023 UX Design Award, one of the most sought-after software design awards in the industry.

Congratulations go to the Intuit ProConnect design team, including Brittany Sumarsono, Xueyin Liu, Garrett Land, Somin Heo, Zoe Shuk Yu Liu, and Angie Nery.

The UX Design Awards foster the impact experience design has on shaping our lives across all fields and industries worldwide. The titles are awarded twice per year in the spring and the fall. Each entry is evaluated in a multi-stage procedure. First, the jurors decide which projects are nominated to compete in the awards. In the second stage, teams of judges subject all nominated entries to a detailed review, and shortlist finalists to enter the jury session. In the final jury session, after extensive deliberations, all judges choose the winners.

Intuit Tax Advisor enables tax professionals to build custom plans for their clients with data generated from Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax or Lacerte® Tax. Find out more about how Intuit Tax Advisor can boost your advisory practice, and find articles about tax advisory in the Intuit Tax Pro Center.

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