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Help a client get her 2019 refund

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I have a client who just told me she has not received her 2019 refund or any stimulus checks. It's a rather substantial refund as she is a single mom with 3 children. Her income consists of a part time w2 job and alimony. Her refund consisted of the EIC, child tax credit and the American Opp. Credit. She has received no inquiries from the IRS and cannot reach anyone for help. Are their any resources I have as her preparer to help find out the status of this?

Thank you.

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You leave out a lot of details like when was the return filed, how was the return filed, etc.  But have you started with the first baby step of checking out:

Get Refund Status (irs.gov)

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If you are an attorney, a CPA or EA, you can ask her to sign a Form 2848 that makes you her representative for the 1040 for that tax year. Fax that into the correct number. Then call Practitioner Services - they will probably have you fax the 2848 directly to the person you are speaking with before they can provide you with info. Once they can speak to you they should be able to tell if the return has been received and what its current status is. You will have to find the number for Practitioner Services  on the IRS website yourself and download the 2848 with its instructions. This process will take a lot of your time as hold times are long. I hope you are fairly compensated for it.

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With W-2 and alimony so little that she qualifies for EIC? She can't fairly compensate.

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I have now had 2 similar cases. When and how was return filed? Check Get my Refund. Then your client can request a transcript. This will tell her if the IRS has the return, and takes less than 2 weeks to get the transcript.(So far, time may change during tax season) If it comes back "no record found" then fill out Form 911 (Request for Taxpayer Advocate) or similar name. Fax it to your areas Taxpayer Advocate. They will respond fairly quickly by phone and tell her what her next step is. 

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