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Open two returns simultaneously

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Open two returns simultaneously


It would be great if we could open more than one return at a time. For instance, an 1120S or a 1065 and a 1040. Going back and forth between the returns allows for mistakes when we are checking the impact of certain tax positions. Even the ability to open two 1040 returns at the same time would be nice- think student and parent. 

There are no updates at the moment. Thank you for your votes and comments. 

Status: Open for voting
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Level 1

This seems like it could be accomplished by allowing us to install and run two instances of the tax software.

One install on C:\LACERTE\2020\IDATA

One install on C:\LACERTE2\2020\IDATA

Level 2

That's interesting! Do you think that could be accomplished with Proseries and on a network? I am going to have my IT guys take a look at that!

Level 3

Has anyone from ProSeries responded on this matter?  Does anyone out there have a current comment if 2021 will have this ability to open two tax returns at the same time?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for voting

There are no updates at the moment. Thank you for your votes and comments. 

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Whatever it takes to make this happen would be worth it. I vote for this to be implemented as soon as possible. Thanks. 

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That would be great

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