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info page update for tax preparer info

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info page update for tax preparer info


I have requested the past 3 years to a human being at ProSeries this enhancement, so I thought I'd do it this way this time. I would like to see a field to enter a contact and their phone number on the Info Page.

I have several elderly clients and their adult children bring in their tax info and want me to call them when it is ready to be picked up and I have no place to enter their information to call them. 

Status: New
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Level 15
Level 15

A "preferred contact" name and phone number on the Info sheet would be a nice addition.  Im old school and utilize sticky notes in physical folders, but with so many preparers going virtual/paperless, it would be a welcomed enhancement.

Level 15

Sticky notes can fall off or stick to other paper.  I scribble that kind of stuff on the routing sheet in each client's file.  I'm even older school.

Level 5

Some suggestions:

1/ Enter contact info on the Client Status page in the Permanent Comments section. This info will carry over to future years.

2/ Enter contact info in a Note to the phone number entry blank. This will cause a Note symbol (the little pencil) to appear on the phone number blank, signaling information in a Note beneath than entry. This info will carry over to future years.

3/ Enter contact info in the Missing Client Information box. I keep a lot of notes in there. However, these entries do not carry over to future years.

Level 9

Go to the client's last name on the Information Page and click Control Shift N and you can enter information on a note that will carry forward every year. It will also be obvious the second you open the return.

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