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Homebase reconciliation for HomeBase View

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Homebase reconciliation for HomeBase View


PLEASE return to the option of Show Details and Fix It.  The 2020 program option is only yes or no.  The problem is that all our tax files are saved on a network file.  When yes is selected all those files are reconciled.  Result is a HomeBase View that has all of our company's tax files.  In prior years I would choose to Fix It which allowed me to select specific files.  My HomeBase View would then only show the 100 tax files I work on instead of the entire 5,000 tax files for the company.  Staff also would have in their HomeBase View the files they only worked on instead of the entire company's files.

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The team made changes to HomeBase and HomeBase Maintenance out of necessity.Both depend on the underlying database, which had to be swapped out for the long term health of ProSeries.  As part of this effort the team focused on re-implementing HBM to solve for database irregularities, and did not identify the various additional use cases and preferences for control discussed in this thread.

The more people vote on this, the better to  allow for prioritization over other requests.

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Yes I read the article and it stated it would let you know if


  • There are two or more database records with the same social security number or employer identification number, which indicates that there are duplicate client files


But it doesn't tell what tune-up does when it encounters this condition - just that it'll fix it for you ?

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I don't disagree - I would prefer more control and visibility too.

I'm just looking to accomplish two things:

* Explore viability of work arounds and alternatives in the immediate term

* Gather data/feedback to help with prioritization for our next update and beyond

In your case, can you describe what you wanted to accomplish in TY19 and what you did to accomplish it? I know you mentioned creating a test file from an existing file - do you mean you copied it in File Explorer in order to experiment with data? If so, what did you use HBM for afterwards? For example, to decide to replace the original if you were happy with the outcome?


Please forgive the questions.. again I'm just looking to build the case for addressing this, while offering possible alternatives with TY20.

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I have four files in add to homebase when i do maintenace.  I hit fix it and yet they don't show up for efiling or homebase.  What am i doing wrong?

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