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Unable to receive scheduled updates for ProSeries Professional

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I recently received error messages when attempting to download updates on my ProSeries tax software.  I had successfully downloaded ProSeries 2020 back in November 2020.  Firewall configuration had been noted in my error message, so I attempted to address that.  Contacted ProSeries support phone line and was told that my Windows 8.1 operating system was no longer supported by ProSeries 2020 and I would have to upgrade to Windows 10 in order to download any further updates.  Upgrading to Windows 10 would not be permitted by my employer and I would have to purchase a new computer that would include a Windows 10 operating system.  This would be costly and time consuming.

I researched the operating system requirements on the Pro Series website and found my Windows 8.1 should be sufficient.  So I persisted with addressing my firewall configuration and eventually was successful in downloading updates for my  ProSeries.

Therefore, the ProSeries Support Person's statements that emphatically stated that ProSeries 2020 no longer would operate on Windows 8.1 were wrong and would have been very costly to me at this time. I'm not impressed.




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My Pro Series professional states that it is not responding when I try to download updates directly through Pro Series. I found the answer in an Old Post. Now I download the update outside of the pro series program. I do this on the first screen on the computer which lists all of the programs on it. I go to Pro Series 2020 update and I download the update from there. I hope this helps you.

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