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Reject tab issue

Level 1

Getting efiles rejected but they are not showing up in the EF center Rejected Tab.  If i do a EF status  on the client it will show up in rejected tab, but after a few min it goes back to the pending tab.  Is there a way to make these rejects showup in the correct tab?

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Level 15

It's a new tab this year --------------- sounds like the new addition hasn't been perfected yet.

Slava Ukraini!
Level 15
Level 15

Weird, mine stay in the rejected tab, but once i open them I fix them and resubmit, so maybe I havent noticed...are you opening them and saving them then they disappear from the rejected tab?

I have one thats sitting in there, I dont think Ive opened it since it rejected though.  We know whats wrong and its going to end up having to be paper filed I think, so just waiting on the taxpayer.