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Recovery rebate credit, college student

Level 1

I have a 20 year old college student who is a dependent of their parents and claimed on parents return. The recovery rebate worksheet is giving the parents tax return a $500 and $600 credit for stimulus checks #1 and #2 for the daughter.  I thought the parents were not entitled to these payments because the child is over age 17.

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Level 15

Did that taxpayers USED to have more dependents that are no longer dependents (and you removed them from the program)?

If so, it is a weird glitch in the program.  Try this:

  1. Right-click the dependent, and delete the "line".
  2. If there used to be more than one other dependent, do it again with with the top blank line for dependents (do it again for each dependent that was previously deleted).
  3. Re-enter the dependent.

Or override the Recovery Rebate worksheet.

Level 3

We just encountered the same Proseries Glitch! College Dependent (now age 20) was being calculated as a qualified dependent for the EIP1 and EIP2 giving the taxpayer an additional $500+$600 ($1,100) in rebate recovery which is not accurate. We think this is because the "child" was under age 17 during 2018. 

FIX- we deleted the dependent and re-entered. The EIP1+2 calculation was then accurate 

We hope Intuit corrects this glitch very soon!

Level 13

This is really going to be testing the IRS "math error" filters.  Just based on the number of people who have posted here about this, there must be thousands of returns filed incorrectly.  If it's a ProSeries problem, chances are it's also a TurboTax problem.

Christine Rep
Level 3

Yes, deleting a sibling dependent line seems to be causing the glitch.  They don't show up on the Recovery Rebate Worksheet until you delete the other dependent.